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Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

I've gone through 2 courses in order to learn affiliate marketing.

See I had other business at the time but affiliate marketing really fascinated me in how it worked and I knew that if I can succeed with affiliate marketing I can succeed with any business since it's kind of the basics - Marketing and Selling.

So I've started with ClickBank University 2.0 which is a course by ClickBank (one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks out there).

I've created a video covering the course in the following video:

It’s taking you inside the course and explaining what you will get for the price.

In my opinion, ClickBank University gives you a lot of information that can really help you understand how affiliate marketing works, and it’s for a pretty good price as well.

With that said the main thing I dislike about the course is that it focuses mainly on paid traffic for your success which is a short-term business model because you will run out of money pretty quick, especially if your not an expert marketer.

That’s where I think Affiliate Marketing Mastery which is the second course I went through is much better at because it talks more about building an online brand and using other tactics to get free traffic and building a long-term business.

I’ve also created a video covering that course which you can watch here:

It’s a more high ticket course but is more in-depth and is taught by Stefan James the owner of Project Life Mastery who is a multi-millionaire that provides great value in all of his content, just check his YouTube channel and see what I’m talking about.

He also has a FREE masterclass in which he explains what is affiliate marketing and shows his experience with it.


In conclusion:

I think ClickBank University is a great starting point if you're not sure about starting with affiliate marketing and it teaches you a lot of stuff for a pretty inexpensive price.

But if you know that you like affiliate marketing and want to get serious with it then I recommend Affiliate Marketing Mastery, which goes a lot more in-depth and will help you build any online business, not just affiliate marketing by teaching you how to build a brand and market it step-by-step.

I hope I could help and let me know if you have any questions for me I’ll be happy to answer them.

Take care


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