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How To Be More Productive With A Morning Ritual

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

A key element of your day to increase your productivity

So you are looking for ways to be more productive throughout your day because you may feel that you're not getting everything that you can out of it?

Or maybe you want to feel less stressed, ho man I feel you!

Well, whatever you were looking for there is a key element in your day that can make it much much better!

It's called a morning ritual (I don't necessarily mean like a spiritual ritual, although that's also can be good for your morning ritual).

What I mean are your morning habits.

We all got morning habits, whether we are aware of that or not.

For example: brushing your teeth, drinking your coffee, reading the paper, scrolling through social media, etc'.

The question is how much are those habits contributing to your life?

You see habits can be the difference between success and failure, happiness and sadness, productivity and not being productive.

And not surprisingly when you ask successful people what helps them be more productive most of them will tell you that a morning ritual is a big part of it.

Just Google it and you'll find tons of evidence.

Forbes has a few examples of successful people morning routines which you can read on This Blog Post.

Here is a part from that post with different morning rituals of successful people:

Workout. Former U.S President Barack Obama starts every morning with a workout routine which consists of strength and cardio training. Similarly, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's morning ritual involves a seven-minute workout that he does three times through. Making exercise a regular part of your a.m. routine is a great way to get energized, improve blood circulation and burn more fat. It also boosts your metabolism and improves your cognitive skills (more effectively than a cuppa joe).
Write. English actress and model Cara Delevingne begins her day by following a Morning Pages routine. Even entrepreneur Tim Ferris swears by this morning ritual. The journaling technique involves filling up at least three pages with a stream of consciousness writing, in longhand, as soon as you wake up. It's an effective way to tame mental clutter, sharpen your focus and unlock creativity.
Motivate. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had a very simple yet profound morning routine. Every morning he'd look in the mirror and ask himself, "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do and am I about to do it today?" He explained that if the answer was a 'no' for several days in a row, it meant that he needed to change something. Likewise, Benjamin Franklin began his mornings by asking himself, "What good shall I do this day?" Cultivating this little habit can help you stay motivated to stick to your goals by setting the stage for a positive and purposeful day.
Meditate. Media mogul Ariana Huffington's morning routine includes 30 minutes of meditation followed by a shower and Bulletproof coffee. Developing a morning meditation practice improves focus, enhances your awareness and clears your mind. Moreover, establishing a daily meditation practice also reduces stress, promotes emotional stability and strengthens the immune system.
Eat healthily. Oprah Winfrey always concludes her morning ritual by having a nutritious breakfast. "No one would ever mistake me for an expert on engines, but I know one thing: They don't work without fuel," says Oprah. "Our bodies are the same way, which is why I'm passionate about breakfast," adds the Wrinkle in Time star. Her morning meal has a balance of protein, fat and complex carbs.

So as you can see many successful people use that to enhance their day.

Now I'll be honest when I first tried to do my morning ritual I didn't believe that it will make a change in my life, and so when you don't really believe in something you will not put a 100% into it.

I even took a guiding course by one of my mentors Stephan James (a very successful online entrepreneur and a really good person who cares about others) to maybe get started.

But again I gave up too early.

After a few years, I've learned more and more about beliefs, habits, success, and entrepreneurship and I remembered about that course I've bought a few years back.

I decided to try it again and this time commit fully to it even if I don't "feel" anything at the beginning.

There is also a 30-day challenge in that course which I took and completed successfully!

Just completing the challenge made me proud of myself.

I must say that my morning ritual is not perfect but I'm evolving it every now and then to fit my needs.

And I've found that my day has improved significantly because of some of the things I am doing.

So currently in my morning ritual, I have a checklist that includes:

  • Smiling (can change your mental state even if you don't feel like smiling right now, just try it).

  • Drinking 2 glasses of water

  • Stretching

  • Being grateful for at least 1 thing in my life

  • Saying affirmations to myself

  • Visualizing my ultimate future

  • Writing my top 3 things I want to complete in my day that If I do I can call that day successful (huge impact!)

  • Do 1 good thing for someone (usually I try to answer questions online or send a nice message to someone I care about).

  • And sometimes brushing my teeth (just kidding ;)

So this is my morning ritual at the moment and I feel that it's a lot better then what I used to do.

Which was just looking at my social media and email notifications and just scrolling through social media and then go to work.

I feel a lot more relaxed and focused right now.

I take my time to do what is important to me and I am clear on my goals for the day.

So that's my inspiration for you.

I hope you find value in this post.

I recommend you try Stephan's Course, he is a very successful entrepreneur and a really good soul who wants to help people and not just make money from them.

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If you have any questions or comments leave them down below and I'll try to answer them.

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Thanks for reading guys!

Take care