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How to Make Money Online (Without Investing a Fortune)

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

So, you want to make money on the side or build an online business, but you don't have a lot of money to invest?

I totally get it, many people have just enough money to sustain themselves and not much extra left every month.

So investing in a new business online might be an issue for most people.

Well, what if I can show you a business model that doesn't require thousands of dollars to start and run?

Even better, you don't have to create any products, offer customer support, or subject yourself to big risks.

Yep, that's totally a thing, and it's called affiliate marketing!

How is that possible?

Let me explain what affiliate marketing is and then give you a few examples so you can better understand how it works.

Affiliate marketing is the referral of customers to a product or service that belongs to a company you work with.

Every time a customer makes a purchase through you, you gain a commission for that.

So let's say you bought a camera from Amazon and you really like it.

Well, you can share that passion with other and gain money in the process!

The way it is done is by joining an affilaite program (in this example - Amazon's affiliate program).

After joining their affilaite program you will recieve a unique URL or link with which Amazon will be able to track a customer who comes through you and credit the commission to you if the customer ended up buying.

Super simple right?

It's basically recommending something you bought to a friend, and if that friend trusts you, he may end up buying following your recommendation.

Now, obviously if you just recommend it to your friends and familiy you can make a little bit of income, but not a sustainable amount that will keep coming in every month.

So that's why we need to build a brand which will offer value in the form of content, market it online (through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc') and in that way, attracting potential prospects to us, converting them into fans and followers who trust our advice and then promote the products we are affiliated with to them.

So that's why you must think of your followers as your friends and you must respect them!

Don't offer them products that will probably no benefit them.

I recommend you offer products which you have bought yourself and have benefited you, because that will be a lot more authentic and your fans and followers will trust and respect you for it.

So let me show you a few pictues with examples as I said before, so you can see it visually.

You can also see it in the video I've made which might be easier for you.

So the first example is Amazon:

Scroll down to the button of Amazon's page or just search for "Amazon affilaite program" on Google.

Click join and fill all the required information.

If I'm not mistaken it's required by Amazon that you have a website.

In which case you can use Wix to set up a website in minutes very inexpensivley.

As you can see, you can earn up to 10% commission on every product you referred.

The second example is ClickBank which is an affilaite network, which means that many companies offer their products on that marketplace for affiliates to promote.

Click on affiliate marketplace to browse for products

Select a category which you resonate with and has enough demand

You will see a list of product with their information, including the average commission per sale (in this example it's 757.84$) and a promote button to promote the product.

To create an affilaite link for the product, click on the promote button.

Enter the username/nickname you used to create the account and click GENERATE HOPLINKS, which is how ClickBank terms affiliate links.

Then promote your link online.

ClickBank is also different from Amazon in the sense that the products that are avilable to promote in there are mainly digital (courses, software, eBooks, etc').

So the commissions will be much higher because there are no manufacturing, shipping, storing costs involved in a digital product, and they may even reach 75%!

The third example is a private affilaite program, in that case Wix, which I personally use to build my website and have also recommended it on this video.

Scroll all the way down on their website and click on affiliates, or just search for Wix affiliate program on Google.

Click the button to apply to their affiliate program and fill any details that are requiered

So, I hope you understand how powerful this business is!

Everyone can do it, but you've got to be patient and think long-term!

Trust and followers aren't gained in a day or a week or a month, it takes time and dedication to build it, but in the end, it's worth it.

If you want to go deeper with affilaite marketing then there are 2 courses I went through that have benefited me and can benefit you as well:

The first one is ClickBank University 2.0 by ClickBank themselves.

This course is more basic in my eyes, but for the price it has a lot of information and can give you a some understanding of affilaite marketing.

They offer some upsells which you may decide to buy.

I think if you pay the one time price of around 50$ that will be enough.

I do NOT recommend their funnel builder, so don't waste your money on that.

The second course is Affiliate Marketing Mastery by Stefan James, the owner of Project Life Mastery.

This course is a high ticket course that goes much deeper into affiliate marketing and online business in general.

I truly recommend it!

Stefan is a very authentic person and is a multi-million dollars entrepreneur and my mentor.

That's it for this article :)

I hope you found value here, and if you did, don't forget to give some love back by sharing it!

I recommend you go deep into it as it can make a HUGE change to your life, and the investment is very very low, so why not?

Try either of the courses and learn about affiliate marketing and online business in general.

Thanks for reading!

Take care