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How To Use TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer To Find Keywords FAST!

Updated: 6 days ago

Researching and finding the right keywords for your YouTube videos is crucial.

It can mean the difference between success and failure.

If you create a video about a topic that almost nobody is looking for than your wasting your time...

So can TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer help you out with that?

The short answer to that is YES!

But not as you might think.

You see many people rely on keyword tools to give them search volume and competition metrics in order to decide which keywords they are going to use.

But as I discovered over time they are not 100% accurate and you can even see some different results between different keyword tools.

So which one do you believe?

Well, some people in the SEO community think that the best way to find keywords is to use the search engines autocomplete or related queries.

Another way is by using forums like Quora and Reddit to find out what people are talking and asking about.

After giving it some thought I actually agree with that approach since Google, YouTube or any other search engine actually gives you the most accurate data you can get.

And forums provide live proof of people who are asking certain questions and talking about certain topics.

So how can TubeBuddy’s keyword tool actually help you?

I'll talk about it a little bit later on this article but first, let me introduce TubeBuddy to those that are less familiar with it.

If you know TubeBuddy then just skip ahead.

What Is TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a YouTube productivity and optimization plugin that has been certified by YouTube.

TubeBuddy is used by hundreds of thousands of users and is one of the 2 most popular tools for YouTube optimization.

Among other things, it can help you with finding tags for your videos, creating end-screens and card templates, filtering through comments, spying on your competitors, and more…

But in this article, we are going to talk about its ability to help you find keywords and video topics.

What Does Keyword Explorer Do?

If you have TubeBuddy installed on your browser and integrated with your YouTube channel then on the top right you'll have a red button with the TubeBuddy logo.

When you click on that you'll have the option to select the Keyword Explorer from the list that opens up.

As you open the tool it will ask you to insert a keyword into the search box.

Once you do, it will present you with the following data:

  • A keyword score that is based on search volume, competition, and how well optimized these videos are according to TubeBuddy. If you have a pro account it will show you a weighted score that takes your specific YouTube channel into account.

  • It will show you related video searches, web searches, and video topics. If you have the free plan it will only show you a limited amount of related searches.

  • It will also show you the most common tags used for videos on that topic. And again if you've got the free plan it will only show you a limited amount of results.

How Can TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer Help You

The way that I use TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer is a little bit different than how most people use it.

Most people type a keyword or a keyword phrase they guess is a reasonable one into the search box of the tool in order to find out if it has a good score according to TubeBuddy.

The score is calculated by the search volume, the number of videos on search results, and how optimized TubeBuddy thinks they are.

I personally do not rely too heavily on that score and calculation because of these reasons:

  • First, this data comes from a third party company and is not pulled directly from the YouTube API which means it's a crude estimate and not 100% accurate. Also, according to this video by Ahrefs, these calculations are way off, as you can see in their video.

  • The second reason is that they define the competition by the number of views videos have on search results, how many times your search term appears in the Title, Tags, and description of each video in the results, and how big are the channels on search results. Now the only factor I do not fully agree with is the views. Views can come from a lot of different places like ads, social media marketing, black hat methods like view4view groups, and more, so I don't consider it a big factor. You can also see videos with few views ranking high in search results.

  • Third, their optimization score is based only on how many videos have the keywords in the title, description, and tags of the videos in search results which is important but there are also a lot of other factors to consider like how optimized are the thumbnails? What's the quality of their content? Can you create better content than them? These are all very important factors to consider when deciding on your keyboard.

  • And fourth, I've seen several of my YouTube videos rank and get views even though TubeBuddy gave them a low keyword score.

So the way that I use TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer is to help me find video topics and long-tail keywords that make sense to try and rank for.

So what I'll do, for example, is type a general keyword like SEO, and then look for all the related searches and video topics in order to get specific video ideas.

Related video searches come directly from YouTube's autocomplete and related web searches come from Google's autocomplete which gives you a chance to find a keyword to rank for both on YouTube & on Google!

Video topics give you different questions people ask around your keyword which helps find ideas for videos as well.

Next, I'll go to Google Trends and type the keyword in there to see if the topic is dying, is stable, or is rising in popularity.

I'll also type that keyword into forums like Quora and Reddit to further validate it.

Once I know if the topic is worth pursuing I'll type that into YouTube's search box to see what results come up and decide if I can add to the topic and produce a better piece of content than those that are in the top search results or not.

I'll also look at their thumbnails and check if there are any small channels with a good ratio of views to subscribers.

Important Things To Remember About Keyword Research And Keyword Research Tools

It's important to remember that keyword tools only give you an estimation of what they think you can and can't rank for, but they are not perfect.

You need to use your common sense and analyze what keyword tools can't analyze.

For example, can you create better thumbnails to get a better clickthrough rate on your video and by doing so get ranked higher.

This is something you can do better than keyword tools can.

Also remember that you're trying to help people, real people who are searching for a solution to their problem which is exactly what search engines are trying to do.

If you produce better content then what's already out there, help search engines understand what your content is about, and drive people to your videos through marketing channels like:

  • Social media

  • Email marketing

  • Groups and forums

  • Etc

It will signal to search engines that your content is valuable and cause them to promote you because they are trying to bring the best results to the user's query.

Remember also that there are thousands of people who are creating YouTube videos every day and it might take YouTube or other search engines some time to find and fully understand what your video is about.

So be patient and be persistent.

In Summary

To summarize, the best way to do keyword research is to understand your audience and what are they searching for.

Keyword Explorer can help you see what people are searching for and give you some ideas of content that you might want to create for them.

Don't fear a bit of competition!

Just be as helpful as you can be and anticipate your audience's needs.

If you create epic quality content that is better then your competitors then it will get shared naturally which will increase its ranking in search results.

And that's how I use TubeBuddy's keyword tool to find ideas and keywords fast.

I hope this article helped you understand how you can use TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer to help you find keywords and video ideas.

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