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How To Make Money Online With Fiverr

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

If you are just starting out and don’t know anything about making money online or you want to expand your income sources, Fiverr is a great place to do it.

For those of you who never heard of Fiverr, it’s a freelancing platform where sellers offer their services online (for example logo design) and buyers look around the marketplace to outsource some or all of their work.

So as an online entrepreneur Fiverr is a great place to make money and outsource the parts of the business you can’t or don’t want to do by yourself.

There are other online freelancing platforms aside from Fiverr, but Fiverr is unique in the way it works.

On other platforms, you as a seller would create a profile or a “business card” and search for publications of buyers searching for a certain job.

You would offer your services to them like many others and they will decide who they want to work with.

On Fiverr on the other hand, buyers come to you!

Instead of chasing customers you create what is known as a Gig or a service page where you detail the kind of service you provide, different prices, extras time-frame and have an image/video detailing it as well.

And you can also create various Gigs for different services.

So when buyers come across your Gig they can either buy without even speaking to you or contact you first and then you can even create a customizable offer just for them!

How cool is that?!

If you provide good service and good customer relations there is also a higher chance they will leave a review on your work.

And that helps other buyers decide if they want to work with you or not.

The more good reviews you got the more orders will come your way and you will be able to charge a higher price, so it’s very important to provide the best service possible and really care about your customers.

The Process:

When a customer makes a purchase you’ll have a certain time to submit your work to them.

They will review the delivery and either ask for revisions in which case you will have to correct your delivery to their satisfaction.

Or they will mark the order as complete (If the buyer does not take any action in a period of 3 days the order will be marked as completed automatically).

After the order is completed Fiverr will hold your funds for a period of 14 days (changes to 7 days when you reach top-rated seller level) and then release to you (you can either keep it in your Fiverr balance or withdraw it to your bank account/PayPal or use their revenue card.

So how do you get started:

First, sign up to Fiverr.

Look around the different categories and see what services you might be able to offer.

Write down at least 3 (if you want, write them down in the comment section, I’m curious!).

Under each category there are many subcategories

Before you create a seller profile I recommend you research the marketplace to choose a viable niche.

Look if there is a demand for what your planning to offer.

The way to do this is by looking at how many sellers have a high number of reviews when searching for a main keyword (for example logo design).

If there is a good number of sellers with at least 100 reviews I would say there is demand for that service.

Logo Niche Example

I suggest you look for a niche without too many established sellers as it may be very competitive, although if there is a lot of competition there is also a lot of demand.

After choosing your niche (you can have multiples but let’s start with 1) click on the more established sellers to look at their profile and gigs and take inspiration from them.

They already have some experience with what works and what doesn’t so you could save yourself a lot of pain by mimicking a lot of their stuff (don’t copy just get inspired by them).

After doing your research click the "Become A Seller" button to become a seller (fill out all the necessary details).

If your unsure of something you can leave a comment, message me or ask Fiverr support to help you.

Next set up your profile.

Yes, Fiverr is unique in the way it works with Gigs but your profile is still important.

Take your time to create a well-described profile that includes all of your credentials, skills, and a profile picture (It’s recommended you use your own face although if you plan on hiring employees to do your work then a logo might work as well).

You can always edit your profile later EXCEPT FOR YOUR USERNAME so choose wisely!

If you're going to be the face of this business then I recommend you use your own name or if you want to present yourself as a brand then use your brand name.

Next, you're going to create a gig.

The first thing you’ll do is create your Gig’s title.

It's very important that you use the best keywords in your title since it will help your Gig get discovered on search results and will also create a canonical URL which is not changeable later on.

A canonical URL is a link that will be created for your Gig so make sure to get it right the first time as it will help your Gig to be found on Google as well.

A canonical URL looks like this - www.fiverr.com/yourusername/yourtitle.

The first 5 words are the most crucial.

Every Gig’s title starts with “I will”, so for example, if you want to design logos your title can look something like this:

I will design a premium logo for your business (so your keywords are - logo, design, and business the other ones just add some appeal to it so you don’t sound like a robot).

Next, select your category…

Then you're going to choose 5 tags which are 5 keywords for your Gig that will also help you get found on search results.

I recommend you look at your top competitors and see what keywords they are using.

You can see it under the review section in their Gig.

Next, you're going to price your Gig.

I recommend you use the 3 packages option instead of just 1 package so people can compare the different packages and get a sense of the value of each one.

Try to make the basic package an attraction to your Gig so price it pretty low and don’t offer too much.

Then on the standard and premium packages offer a lot more value for a higher price.

Apart from that, make sure to offer different extras to make your order bigger.

Once a customer is willing to pay you it will be much easier for you to offer your extras (for example faster delivery, better files, commercial rights, etc’).

You can also offer your extras after the order has started which is even easier than before the customer has paid.

Next, you're going to write a description for your Gig.

Again look at your competitors and make sure to write an engaging description that has your keywords as well.

You can also link to your other Gigs.

Then, you're going to add some FAQ.

Again check the competition and think what questions your customers may have that you can answer in advance.

Next, you're going to add the requirements you need from the customer in order to start the order ( for example a certain file, answers to some questions, etc’).

Them, you're going to add images and a video to the Gig.

Don’t just add images, make sure you add a video!!!

It will increase customer engagement by 40% and you want that 40 % of people to buy your Gig don’t you?

You can outsource it on Fiverr itself easily and for a very low cost (make sure they add a thumbnail to the video).

For Images, you can use tools like Canva and Unsplush to create stunning images.

Create infographic images explaining the benefits of working with you.

Make sure your images are in the right proportions ( 690 x 426px ).

After creating your Gig you’ll want to start promoting yourself on different platforms like social media and YouTube to get people into your sales funnel.

You’ll start getting customers from Fiverr itself but you must understand that it won’t happen overnight (my first customer on Fiverr bought from me a month after I’ve created my Gig).

So in the meanwhile, you don’t want to sit ideal and wait for your customers to find your gig.

You're going to be proactive and help them find you.

You're going to do it by writing content on a consistent basis that your potential customers will be interested and post it on the different social media channels.

in doing so, you will attract them to your social media accounts and YouTube channel and gain followers (for example if you're a logo designer you can write down tips for branding or choosing the perfect logo for your business).

The main social media channels are:

  • Facebook - Set up a Facebook business page

  • YouTube - Set up a channel

  • Instagram - Set up a business account

  • Twitter - Set up an account

  • Linkedin - Set up an account

  • Pinterest - Set up a business account

There are more, but these are the biggest ones.

After attracting a good amount of followers, you're going to build an email list and start sending them free content through email as well as promoting your services to them.

Creating your email list is one of the most important parts of your business because that will allow you to promote to your email list whenever you want for no cost.

You can use services like:

And many others for that purpose.

Later on, you're going to also use that email list to expand out of Fiverr but I won’t dive into that in this article.


Be patient, track your analytics and improve what needs to be improved, stay consistent and you will succeed.

Fiverr also has a level system which helps you grow and give you some benefits and perks if you stay consistent and provide epic value to customers (new seller >> level 1 >> level 2 >> top-rated seller).

If you have any questions or comments leave them down below and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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