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Wix Review: The Best Website Builder?

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Looking for a website builder?

Not sure which one to choose?

I can totally understand it, as I once was in your place... So I've decided to create a review of the platform that I currently use so that you can make an educated decision and choose the right website builder for you.

What is going to be covered in this article:

  • Introduction and statistics

  • Who is Wix for

  • Pros & Cons

  • Over-all Rating

  • How to get started

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So ,first of all, let me start with an introduction to the platform and some statistics:

Wix was founded in 2006 as a FREE to start drag and drop website builder that does not require any technical knowledge in coding or web design so anyone with a computer can basically create a professional-looking website within minutes.

By 2010 it hit 3.5 million users, by 2013 that number grew to 35 million and today (2019) it is the second-largest website builder in the world with over 150 millions users worldwide!

The first one being WordPress, but with how easy it is to use Wix and it's massive evolvement over-time, I have a feeling it not far from being number one in a few years.

It super easy to use and has some powerful features like:

  • An automatic website designer (Wix ADI)!

  • A drag & drop website editor.

  • The App Market - similar to plugins in WordPress the App Market is a marketplace where you can find a lot of different apps (some from Wix and some from third parties) that you can't add with the regular features (like an online store, a blog, pop-ups, analytics and so on...).

  • A built-in customer management platform with customer info, tags, tasks, and more...

  • A built-in email marketing platform with sign-up forms, automations, and a drag & drop email editor.

  • A live chat so you can talk to your customer on the spot, solve their problems, and close deals.

  • A customized SEO Wiz and guide to help you get found on Google.

  • And a lot more...

So, who is Wix for?

E-commerce Businesses:

Wix comes with a built in e-commerce store with everything you need.

Choose a beautiful template and customize it or start from scratch.

Accept multiple payment options for your store products and digital downloads.

Easily promote your products right from the store manager.

  • Sell products or digital downloads

  • Add an unlimited number of products

  • Accept PayPal, credit cards & offline payments

  • Promote your store with integrated email marketing as well as send automatic transactional emails

  • Ensure a secure SSL-certificate checkout

  • Track your sales and inventory with an intuitive store manager

  • Manage your store on the go with the Wix Mobile App

  • Add shipping & pickup options

  • Create coupons & sales

  • Get found online with SEO tools

  • It's 100% commission-free

  • Get support 24/7

It's super easy to use and gets very close to or even rivals platforms like Shopify and Big-commerce.


Wix has a built-in blog you can add to your site that includes:

  • Categories

  • Blog feeds

  • Comment section

  • Ability to subscribe to the blog to send emails about new posts as well as build an online community.

  • Like and view counter

  • Social share buttons

  • Ability to add images, videos (also embeds YouTube videos with a link), galleries, HTML codes, and GIFs to your blog posts at a click of a button.

  • SEO options

Just start writing ;)

Service-Based Businesses

With the Booking App, you'll be able to offer 1 on 1 services like personal coaching, hairdressing, etc' or group services like fitness classes or cooking courses.

You can also offer your services as part of your packages or memberships (Paid Plans App) to your customers, so ,for example, a customer will be able to buy a package of 10 yoga classes or pay a monthly membership to get unlimited sessions during a certain period.

You can choose to give your members special access to specific pages in your site and even decide which members have access to where.

You can use this to provide access to your course section for example.

You can decide if you want customers to book online or in-person and even ask for a deposit.

Make a single payment or pay in recurring payments, and many more features.

Every booking will be automatically added to your booking calendar with the specific staff assigned to that booking so you never lose track.

Again super easy to use with a ton of powerful features at your disposal.

Cafes and Restaurants

Restaurants can use powerful apps (among other features) like Wix's Menu App, Restaurant Orders App, Reservation App, Open For Business App, and the Restaurant Social Bar App.

Menu App:

You can create a beautiful online menu for your restaurant and easily customize it.

Unlike PDF or image menus, online menus look great on mobile and are search-engine friendly.

You can also add it to your Facebook Business Page or Foursquare so customers can see what’s cooking. 

  • Create, customize and publish your menu online.

  • Add, edit and manage menu items.

  • Get found online with an SEO friendly menu.

  • Promote a seasonal menu or special dishes.

  • Look beautiful on mobile and desktop screens.

  • Display on your Facebook Business Page or Foursquare.

Orders App:

Start accepting delivery or pickup right on your website.

Accept credit cards or cash and let customers tip on the card.

You’ll get notified every time you get a new order.

Plus, returning customers can use express checkout.

  • Accept and manage orders online

  • Offer delivery or pickup

  • Get paid via credit cards or cash

  • Receive notifications by email, text, fax, phone or printer

  • Manage orders on the go with the Wix Restaurants app

  • Allow customers to order in advance

  • Let customers split the bill when ordering as a group

  • 100% commission-free

Reservation App:

Accept and manage online reservations right on your website.

When customers book a table in advance they’ll receive an automatic email and text confirmation.

  • Accept online reservations

  • Let visitors book time, day and party size

  • Collect customer info

  • Send automatic email confirmations

  • No cover fee

Open For Business App:

Let your customers know when you’re open for business directly on your Wix site!

The App helps you communicate your opening hours in a few simple clicks.

It’s easy to use.

Simply add the App, enter your opening hours and customize it to suit your site’s look and feel.

When clients visit your site, they’ll be greeted with a clear and easy sign informing them if you are currently open or closed, your business’s opening hours, and even if you’re closed for vacation.

  • Provide live opening hours

  • Reduce unnecessary emails

  • Include general business times

  • Update with sudden changes or planned closures

Restaurant Social Bar App:

Make it easy for customers to follow you on social.

Easily connect your restaurant website to Facebook, TripAdvisor, Instagram and more.

With Wix Restaurants Social, you can showcase your menu on your Facebook Business Page or Foursquare.

  • Add social links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Foursquare and TripAdvisor

  • Add and customize a stunning social bar to your site

  • Display your menu on your Facebook Business Page and Foursquare

Photographers & Graphic Designers

Photographers and Graphic designers can utilize the Wix Pro Gallery App to create beautiful galleries on your site.

It comes with advanced image settings.

You control the quality and sharpness of your photos, so they look exactly how you want.

Keep your images safe with built-in image protection and look great on any mobile device.

You can easily customize your gallery with auto-play videos and colorful text boxes.

  • Control the quality of your images

  • Set the sharpness

  • Protect your items with built-in image control

  • Images optimized for each mobile device

  • Get more eyes on your photos with easy social sharing

  • Let visitors show their love with a heart button

  • Allow downloadable videos and photos

  • Add thousands of photos & videos

  • Pick the perfect layout from 9 different options

Pros & Cons of Wix


  • Very user friendly and easy to use

  • Free plan available

  • All in one platform (everything you might need in a website is in Wix)

  • No coding skills needed

  • Provides great value for your money

  • Fast & responsive support


  • May get pricier when spending on different features and third-party apps

  • The built-in marketing platform is a bit lacking when spending on Wix's Marketing Premium features (Acsend Plans) compared to professional marketing platforms for the same price (for example email marketing)

  • Blog can use some more customization options in my opinion

Overall Rating

A great and easy to use platform with a ton of valuable features.

Anyone who wants to start a website can use Wix to set up a beautiful site in minutes!

Might use some improvement on customization and email marketing platform but over-all has a huge amount of options so it's really insignificante.

Getting Started

Wix offers a free plan which I recommend you start with to get a feel of the platform and then when your ready you can upgrade to a paid plan to get some professional features.

Like a custom domain (www.yourwebsitename.com instead of www.youwebsitename.wix.com), remove Wix ads from your site, sell products or services on your site (on e-commerce plans), add a professional business email and so on...

After you create an account and choose either the free or paid plan to start with you will have 2 options:

  • Let Wix design your site by answering a few questions and filling some information (Wix ADI).

  • Or fully customizing your site's design with the Wix Drag n Drop Editor.

If you start with the Wix ADI (let Wix design your site) you can change it later to the Wix editor but if you make changes in the Wix editor and then switch to the Wix ADI then those changes will not be saved.


If you don't like to design your site from scratch and just need a quick website set up, then I suggest you start with the Wix ADI which looks pretty cool and you can still customize it a little bit, and then if you want you can transition to the editor later.

Or if you want your site to be one of a kind and like to design every detail then just go ahead start with the editor straight away (that's what I did because I enjoy designing it).

If you decide to upgrade to a paid plan later I currently suggest you take the Combo Plan since it offers unlimited bandwith and a 10GB of storage among other things which is pretty important in my opinion.

If you need to recieve payments then choose the E-commerce Plan that suits your business size.

They are all very good.


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Thanks for reading!

Take care!